Step 3 – Install WordPress as Our CMS

Let’s make it a WordPress website!!

Whale backbone—vagawi (

We’re going to need a platform to run our website on. Something to organize our menus, display our website template and help us to edit and add content to our website. All the stuff our visitors came here to see. Suff like text, pictures and video.

I won’t get into why you should choose WordPress as your content management system (CMS) other than:

  • WordPress is easy to install
  • and it’s easy to use
This means that you’ll have a WordPress website up and running much quicker than other CMS’s and you won’t have as many questions about managing your website. After all you’re the webmaster.

How to Install WordPress

Assuming that you’ve registered your webhosting with Citrex, it’s only a couple of short steps.

1. Login to your Cirtex web hosting control panel (CPanel).

You can find the link and username and password in the welcome email that your received.

2. Load up Fantastico.

  1. Type fantastico in to the search bar in the left column.
  2. Click the fantasico icon on the right.

3. Click “WordPress” in the Left Menu.

This will load the simple configuration for your new WordPress Website

4. Enter your website information.

  1. Enter the username and password and leave everything else as it is.
  2. Click Install.

1. Check out your new WordPress website!

Type your domain name into your browser and you should see the home page of your new website!

Stay tuned for photos step by step and a screencast instructional video tutorial on how to complete this step.

Next step – get a snazzy new template for your site!

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