How to Choose a Theme for your WordPress Website

So, if you’ve completed Step 3 – Install WordPress, the first thing you’re going to want to do is change your WordPress theme.

The theme is what determines how your website will look. It’s dictates:

  • the colours
  • the font
  • the page layout
  • menu placement
  • available widgets
  • etc

Some themes even have customer functions to manage a WordPress portfolio website or other unique functionality.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to review and replace WordPress theme:

1. Review your current theme

  • Direct your browser to the location that you installed wordpress. (probably at
  • Take a look. You’re probably viewing the default WordPress theme Twenty Ten (maybe Twenty Eleven)
  • Review the placement of the header graphic, the menu, the content and the items available in the sidebar on the right side. (these are your widgets)

2. Login to WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress website at

3. Load the Themes Control Panel

  • In the left side menu click Appearance > Themes


  • Click on install themes at the top if the page


4. Select a Filter to see Some Themes

  • Click on featured or newest or recently updated. This will bring up a list of some more recent themes.


5. Install your WordPress Theme

  • When you find a theme that you like and click on “Install”


  • Then click “install now” in the window that pops up
  • When the installation finishes activate your Theme to update the website


6. Preview the Theme

  • Take a look at your new WordPress template by going to your wordpress install location ie
  • If you don’t like it or want to try some more themes repeat steps 2 – 6
Remember, you can always switch back to your old themes by pressing the activate button under them in the theme management screen as described in step 3.

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